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A kosher symbol that expresses superior quality and excellence.

TK Kosher provides affordable and high-quality kosher certification services to our truly inspiring customers. TK Kosher clients might be small startups or large international companies. Whatever your needs, we offer a vast network of rabbinic representatives across the globe who ensure top-level kosher certification, recognized worldwide. Our company is versatile, professional, and always affordable. We take a personal interest in our client’s success.
Businesses that carry the TK Kosher symbol on their product demonstrate a brand that is associated with a third-party oversight agency that ensures the highest standards of certification. With the TK Kosher symbol, you can be assured of an unwavering commitment to label integrity, ingredient transparency, and accountability that sets your product apart from the competition.

Join brands around the globe in earning the TK Kosher symbol

How do I get certified

There are a few steps and we are TK Kosher are here to help you through it.


To begin, please complete this simple form GET CERTIFIED and we can set up an initial free consultation to determine whether your products are certifiable, what type of supervision it would entail and discuss an estimate of what the costs would be.


We will arrange for an inspection of the manufacturing facility, review production details, meet with key personnel in the pertinent departments and discuss the supervision details.


Following the consultation, we will send you a more extensive application to complete and an advice of the deposit amount.
Finalice the contract and financial details.


We issue the kosher certificate for your certified products!
Now you can proudly display our universally accepted and recognized TK kosher symbol on the approved kosher products!

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