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Our legacy and commitment to Kosher excellence continues

Rabbi Leizer Teitelbaum OBM

Rabbi Yosef Teitelbaum

Kashrut administrador

Rabbi Leizer Teitelbaum OBM was a true pioneer in the kosher certification industry, leading the charge from the 1970s to the billion-dollar global market today. His invaluable and professional service ensured quality and transparency for companies and consumers alike with boundless hours of hands-on supervision.
Rabbi Teitelbaum was an expert in food and beverage production and supervision, serving as a guide and mentor to numerous kashrus professionals in all areas of the trade. He was committed to explaining and training others, imparting his expertise and sharing deep Torah teachings with the next generation. Following in his footsteps, TK Kosher certification approaches their clients in the same way. TK Kosher works collaboratively with companies, finding ways to operate within the technical parameters of modern production and documentation systems to achieve the highest level of kosher standards. Methods and practices change with the times but kashrut specifics remain the same across the generations.
Today, TK Kosher certification, led by Rabbi Yosef Teitelbaum, boasts a large team of expert rabbis across the globe. We continue the family tradition with the daily inspiration established through Rabbi Leizer Teitelbaum’s legacy. This is how our company brings exceptional products to the kosher consumer and increases the value of each label. TK Kosher offers its symbol with pride and confidence, guaranteeing the quality of the products it certifies. Our partnership and commitment to the growth and success of our clients has established TK Kosher as a leading agency in the evolving Kosher industry.
We look forward to joining your family and serving you with the highest level of professionalism and expertise.
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